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A collar, a paddle, a whip that stings…

… these are a few of our favorite things!

Leather Boys, Fetish Freaks and Kinky Peeps of all kinds brave the sunlight at Folsom Street East! Mike Diamond reports for Edge On The Net

The plumber has come to fix the sink!!

Ah, it’s a theme that is always hot! Well, as long as your plumber is hot.

Wesley Marks is the dude in the striped shirt (when he’s still wearing it) and with the paragraph tattooed on the right side of his torso. He gets our vote of sexiest boy of the Forth Of July Weekend!

The site has a bunch of really hot boy sex on it. The whole “husband is gay” angle doesn’t matter (I mean, my boyfriend and I live in NYC, so my husband really IS GAY! Just like Michelle Bachmann’s!) Either way, this site is a keeper!

From the site:
So the plumber pops over for the 3rd time in 2 weeks to fix something of Wesleys; this time he realises he’s only there so Preston can see him again. With that in mind Preston quickly whips out his hot jock dick and lets Wesley have all the fun ;). Soon its Wesleys hole that is being plugged, by Preston..

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Thomas on DickShow

Dickshow is a (mostly) solo site featuring ‘regular guys’ off the street. The kind of guys you would check out and cruise when they walk by. And Thomas is definitely one of those dudes!

regular guys naked

regular guys naked

From the site:

  • Thomas is a hot, beefy, construction worker here in New York City. He’s Bi, and a bottom! Check him out as he strips to his boxers and pulls his hard dick out through the fly. We get an eye full as he works his load out!
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    Yup. It’s the classic tale: Boy Meets Girl, Boy brings his best friend over. Boy fucks girl while best friend video tapes it. Best friend takes his pants off, masturbates to the whole scene. Every one cums.

    And you will too!

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    It’s Not Gay If It’s a Threeway!

    Gay Boy Owen crosses over to the straight side (at least this one time)! He talks Jewel into letting Freddie fuck her while he watches!

    straight boys having sex
    straight boys having sex

    Freddie makes it clear he does NOT want Owen to get ‘to close’ to him when they are naked, hard and fucking that girl. One thing leads to another and before you know it, Owen’s cock is out and in Jewel’s mouth as Freddie fucks her doggy style!

    it's not gay if its a three way

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    Cruising For Cocks

    The crazy dudes at DirtyBoyVideo went out to NYC’s Christopher Street Piers with dirty gay boy Owen and cocksucking straight boy Jack! A little outdoor exhibitionism anyone?

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    gay public sex

    Just as they were really getting in to it, a couple of moms with strollers came up! A hasty hide the sausage! All worked up and horny and wanting to cum, Jack and Owen head back to the apartment to take off their pants and make some homemade porno!

    Adam In The Garage!

    Q: What do you do with a slim, sexy, horny boy with big hard dick?

    A: You take into the garage and get him to drop his pants!

    Of course.

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    Thanks to Dirty Boy Video.

    Straight Boys In The Shower

    Dirty Boy Video, has two sexy amateur straight guys soaping each other up in the shower!

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    Bryce and Lex do what boys tend to do when they get wet and naked – sport wood! These two
    amateur straight boys jump in the shower soaping each other up and rinsing each other off!
    Laughing and joking, they rub one out together, finally shooting loads on each other!

    Alt Dudes Fuck Hard!

    The dudes at AlternaDudes have just put up a really hot scene!

    Cub Stud Fucks Rocker:

    From the site:
    Lance is an alt stud cub type full of tats with pierced nipples. He likes his sex rough and dirty talks his way through fucking the hell out of Tristan, a tatted up rocker who can take it up the ass any way you give it to him.

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