Baseball games are boring as fuck but watching a sloshed NY Yankees pitcher squirm under the glare of a police surveillance camera? Priceless! Video footage has surfaced of young Yankees stud pitcher Joba Chamberlain’s offseason arrest on suspicion of DUI. The Nebraska state trooper who pulled the star’s BMW over also found an open bottle of Crown Royal on the passenger seat, and administering field sobriety tests turned into a Big Apple bash fest as Chamberlin openly dissed his adopted home town to the cop. “The biggest thing that I’ve noticed driving here [in Nebraska] and there is if you let somebody in, they open the window and say ‘thank you,'” Joba says in the video. “In New York, they might hit you. Yeah, it’s a joke.” Chamberlin recently pleaded guilty to driving drunk and got 90 days probation. Click here to watch the video of his arrest.

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