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Lukas Wilde, cute French twink!

YouLoveJack brings us another cute boy jacking off and playing with his butthole! From the site: “There’s something sultry about his expression as he watches himself. Making love to his own image with a sly little grin that can’t be beat. This little French twink is so fucking cute I can’t even stand it! He […]

Brian Harper’s 7 inches!

Mr. Harper has been kind enough to model for YouLoveJack. He strips down, works up that 7 incher, and then throws his legs in the air to play with his butt! Check out Brian’s video and all the pics at

New Hottie On YouLoveJack!

And this is WHY we love jack!  Where do they keep finding these amazingly hot boys? And their amazingly hot cocks? Just look at this hot young man.  LOOK AT HIM.  Drink it in.  Guys like him are the reason you’re queer.  Mmmmm.  Delicious. Thanks to

Gabriel Clark on YouLove Jack

From the site: He drops his pants and slowly teases the camera with his uncut 7 inch French-Canadian cock. He’s got a cocky jock attitude that doesn’t quit until he’s splattering his own delicious load all over his perfect six pack! True to his word, he reaches down and gobbles up every drop of that […]

NSFW: Flesh Popsicle

Tyler bends over and takes a big wet lick of his 9 inch uncut cock and manages to get the entire head in his mouth while he crams a dildo up his tight little hole. He works himself into a frenzy then takes careful aim as he shoots his load directly into his own mouth!

NSFW: It’s Good To Multi-task With Your Other Fingers

Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop, you know! What’s better than a hot little latin twink? A hot little latin twink with an 11 inch uncut cock, of course! Mario can’t even close his hand around the meaty shaft of his uncut cock but that doesn’t stop him from grabbing that monster and pounding out […]

NSFW: Time To Scavenge The Fridge And Bust Out The Leftovers

Marcus is straight. Not “gay porn site straight” but really straight. He admits he let another dude suck him off in the past but he’s never had a cock in his mouth. Joey can’t wait to guide his new straight buddy through all the ins and outs of cock sucking and even gives him his […]