Now that you know that personal possession of up to seven-eighths of an ounce of weed is decriminalized in New York state, it’s time to get yourself some of the good stuff and puff the fuck out of it. I’m not going to tell you where to get some (hint: even the AP knows that delivery services are rather safe and hassle free), but I will bring you back to basics for a tutorial on how to roll a joint. For that, we hit up the aptly-titled, which offers diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions on shaping everything from the utilitarian Knee Trembler to the classic
Saturday Night Special to the “massive” and “juicy” The Joker — only for those who take 4:20 seriously!

If you’d rather learn by watching a video, check this shit out for step-by-step joint rolling bliss:

How To Roll A Perfect JointFunny video clips are a click away

Or take things up a notch and learn how to properly form and fire up a phat blunt here:

Daily Smoker Roll a Joint BluntAwesome video clips here