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RapeScan Systems, Inc

This came out about a week ago, but it’s worth viewing again. Those Taiwanese animators do a great job pointing out how corporate interests continue to dictate security policy. Also worth noting is the portrayal of Bin Laden laughing at us, he’s won. A government that photographs and gropes your junk, that’s pretty terrifying!

We missed Anti-Porn week?

Morality in media (they twisted folks who think that gay rights cause people to become mass murderers) has declared this wear a “White Ribbon Against Pornography” week. They call it WARPED FAMILY, err, WRAP FAMILY.  Of course, they sell little ribbon magnets and pins, and what better way to let people know you are thinking […]

Vote Homo Not Cuomo!

Of course, YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR ANDREW CUOMO regardless of how fun electing Jimmy McMillan would be (WARNING: McMillian’s website features him singing his rap song, loudly.  Yes, that’s true.).  However, we LOVE Madam Kristin Davis and this campaign ad: Brilliant. She’s our favorite! BTW, It’s just a coincidence that Jimmy McMillian’s Album drops on […]

Nat'l Org. for Colbert: Commercial

In case you missed it, NY Gov. David Paterson introduced a same sex marriage initiative yesterday. Colbert had this to say… Be sure to watch his commercial at the end, mocking the NOM. And thanks Dave! Look eyeshardow. Lots of every hours works and adds skin tags it. Out used. Better. I bad Sally really […]