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This thing is, you record yourself doing a striptease to a song sung by Macaulay Culkin and then you look it over, and decide, “Yup, this is going straight to Youtube!” Looks like our boy is sporting a bit of wood once the shirt comes off, too!

Sexy Stripper Nude Pole Dance

Just like it says on the tin. What? You don’t have a stripper pole in your living room?

Lightning Cum

It is kinda hot, actually. I love the lighting bolts!

Arm Wrestling for Blow Jobs

Straight Boys Compete for who gets the first blowjob (from a girl)! Then it’s a tag team fuck show with Jimi, Jarret and Nikki. From the site: When Jimi and Jarret get together with Nikki for some naked fun, she wants spice things up with a little competition: the boys have to arm wrestle for […]


It’s disturbing, really. Why would someone make this?

You’ve Got the Smoothest Hands on the Ship!

I know this is very politically incorrect, but the scandalous video from the Navy seems sort of funny to us! In a ‘Man Show’ sort of way. Is it really that bad? It’s not like say, the American Family Association did it. I mean, isn’t everyone in the navy gay anyway? The video sure makes […]

Sneak Peek “Le Raunch” at Hard Drive

Some advance pics of the Le Raunch/Hard Drive underwear party TONIGHT! Awesome murals. Looks like it’s going to be a sleazy good time!

JO Art

it’s always sexy when boys take masturbation and turn it into music videos! Anyone know what the song playing is? I kinda like it!

Butt Bitting Bugs!

While bedbugs get all the attention in New York these days, we’ve missed the terrible, rampant, ‘bottom bitting bugs’ of Japan! Run for your lives!

More Dancing Marines

What makes these vids so hot is not just the half naked 20-something marine gyrating around waving a gun in the air. No. It’s that another 20-something marine (hopefully half naked as well) made the effort to document his buddy on video AND then post it YouTube for us to jerk off to, err, enjoy.