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A collar, a paddle, a whip that stings…

… these are a few of our favorite things! Leather Boys, Fetish Freaks and Kinky Peeps of all kinds brave the sunlight at Folsom Street East! Mike Diamond reports for Edge On The Net

NYC Bike Lane Lunacy

As someone who rides a bike in NY, AND thinks the police DO have it out for bike riders, this is good. Really makes a point. Oh, and there IS NO law requiring us to USE the bike lanes! Great slap stick! I wouldn’t want to those kind of pavement falls even if I planned […]

money, success, fame, glamor

This thing is, you record yourself doing a striptease to a song sung by Macaulay Culkin and then you look it over, and decide, “Yup, this is going straight to Youtube!” Looks like our boy is sporting a bit of wood once the shirt comes off, too!

Drunk Boy Abuse

It’s videos like this that make us feel better about our own inebriated nights. And that we have better, more caring friends than this guy.

Damn! It’s juicy!!

Troy is a hot, fit, 20 year old with one HUGE cock. He’s seen dudes fuck watermelons in amateur gay porn and wanted to try it! We were glad to shell out the $4.99 for the fruit! He slices a hole in the top, and comments, “it’s juicy,” before taking a taste of his ripe, […]

Wiener face slap!

In mainstream advertising no less. Yes, yes, it’s obviously been created by an ad agency to go ‘viral’, but really, it is kinda dirty! In a gay way. Thanks to Shaun!

Favorite banner ad

This is one of our favorite ads from DirtyBoyVideo! Naked at his desk, busted surfing gay porn. Plus, even though he’s being photographed (his hand up to block the camera) HE CAN’T TAKE HIS EYES OFF THE SCREEN! Whatever he’s looking at must be worth the humiliation.

“Watching you fuck, I’m gonna cum again!”

Straightboysfucking is serious about how straight *most* of their boys are! Check out Alex and Dude. They really get into, and off on Grace! From the site: We’ve put Alex up with Dude, a beefy, smooth chested, 21 year old straight guy with a big cock. The foreplay begins with Dude getting hard in his […]

Straight Guy Gets Service

There is something oddly hot about how matter of fact this scene is. The straight guy is just watching his porn, couldn’t matter less who was sucking him off. Even when he comes, it’s like he’s simply using the facilities. Still, oddly hot.

Cooking with Diesel!

One of our favorite New Yorkers and beefy porn stars shares his culinary talents and some really good advice: “Be sure you don’t get any ashes from your blunt on the chicken!” How fucking NICE Diesel Washington’s apartment look? The size of that kitchen! Probably the only cooking segment on YouTube where the chef ends […]