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Twink floats back to Cuba!

“Twink floats back to Cuba on a used playstation 1 with no controllers and the wrong regional coding.” At least that’s the promising headline for this incredibly stupid video of unattractive young guys drinking beer through a hose.

Drunk Boy Abuse

It’s videos like this that make us feel better about our own inebriated nights. And that we have better, more caring friends than this guy.

The “NEW” Dirty Boy Video?

Not likely, but close! Take four straight boys from New Jersey, lock them in a glass cubical for 4 hours a day with nothing but beer and a bucket, and you get this: From the SCOPE 2011 NYC art fair last weekend, via Gothamist.

Plastic Surgery Disasters

Plushie has finally given in to his vanity, and is currently under the knife of a plastic surgeon! He is doing fine, and wants to thank all of you for your outpouring of support and kindness! Your gifts have been marvelous, but please, instead of sending money, pick your favorite charity and donate it there. […]

Le Raunch at Hard Drive

Michael Formika Jones brings his infamous Le Raunch party to Hard Drive – with a little help from DirtyBoyVideo! When: Wednesdays, starting Dec 22nd! Dress Code: Mandatory Pants (or more) check! BYOB – YES! ‘bring your own booze’! They’ll even provide the ice! Should be a very, very fun, sexy, dirty time!

Buddy snoring in a bucket with pants down

Just like it says on the package. With a title like that, how can you not check it out?

Porpor & The Dol

Open on a sun drenched beach, a gentle breeze in the air.  A bicyclist enters the frame, his shadow long on the sand… You don’t often see real efforts at creating short films on xtube. Story lines, editing, reverse angles, romantic embraces on the seashore (except sponsor posts like this, this and this). Well, enter […]

Boozing Monkeys!

Monkeys in St. Kitts steal drinks and get drunk on the beach! Just like us! Fun fact: the drunker monkeys are more respected, better leaders then non-drinking monkeys! Yay, monkeys! Via

Most U.S. Money Laced With Cocaine

Yeah, umm.   We knew that.  Just look at this from 2007 and this from 1997 and an article titled “cocaine found on money in miami” from 1985! Most U.S. Money Laced With Cocaine – Yahoo! News.

I Can't Believe It's Not Cocaine!

Tired of wasting all your cash on shitty, overpriced coke? Sick of waking up at 5 p.m. with red eyes, bloody snot and a pounding headache the size of Colombia? No worries, hombre — the iPhone has your nose covered. With the fancy new iSnort application, you can cut up all the virtual cocaine you […]