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Billy Hicks on YouLoveJack!

Billy knows not everyone can handle his 10″ monster of a cock. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my cock! But sometimes girls complain that’s it’s TOO big. Fucking bitches!” Billy strips naked and shows off his smooth and ripped body with his gigantic cock hanging down his leg halfway to his knee! He lazily […]

Yuri Is Yummy!

Yuri is single and he prefers to keep it that way. “All I need to get off is my hand on my cock. Anyone else just gets in the way!” From YouLoveJack: He drops his pants to reveal a pair of bright pink underwear with his boner poking at the fabric and begging to be […]

Danny Hunter on YouLoveJack

From the site: “Danny grabs a bottle of lube and slicks up his willy. His cock responds to the slippery liquid by lurching to full attention. Swollen and throbbing against his every shining touch. He looks up at the camera with a little smirk that lets you know exactly how good this feels. This ginger […]

Boy sucks own cock.

Really, do you need us to say anything more? Check out the YouLoveJack gallery now!

Gary Hart from Youlovejack!

Gary isn’t big on words. “What am I supposed to say? I’m sitting here naked and my cock is rock hard. Do me already!” From the site: “He stands up again and loses the underwear. The camera settles in front of his stocky little frame and enjoys the show as he roughly strokes his meat. […]

Another Big Cock from YouLoveJack!

From the site: Michael admits that he’s pretty much horny all the time. “It doesn’t matter what I’m doing or where I am. I’m always thinking about getting off!” And that is exactly what we like to hear from sexy boys with hard dicks! Check out the rest at

Massive Cock on YouLoveJack!

“He pushes his pants down to reveal his massive 9 inch uncut cock poking at his underwear and begging to be free. After giving that thing a few more gentle strokes he reaches inside his shorts and releases the beast. He can barely wrap his hand around his beautiful thick shaft as he finally reveals […]

You Love Alex Hayes

YouLoveJack has a new hottie up! The photographer is Alex’s boyfriend. From the site: “Alex hops on his knees and strokes his cock with one hand as his boyfriend gets some nice close-ups of his perfect twink asshole. This guy is an adonis and every part of him is delicious! He pushes his hips back […]

Enzo and Brian

From YouLoveJack: Enzo is straight but he’s curious to try something with another dude. Brian’s a verbal bottom that can’t get enough cock. Something tells me that these two are going to get along just fine! Sexed up boys being sexy!

Thomas Wilde is fucking cute!

YouLoveJack delivers a really cute, cute straight boy for your viewing pleasure! 18 years old, cute and straight. Did we mention that he’s cute? “Thomas (his friends call him Tom…) kicks back and keeps working his rock hard tool – showing that beautiful pole off to the camera with a little smirk. It’s like he […]