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Eeeee! Halloween!

Here’s something creepy for Samhain, err, Halloween! And this: It’s the squishy, snapping rubbing noises that really makes it creepy.

Mike D behind the scenes with Mike Ruiz

Have no idea what they’re talking about in this, (having no clue about fashion) but it’s Mike Diamond (our favorite) and has a big black drag queen in it, so it must be cool!! “I did NOT sleep with RuPaul!” Check out

Lights! Camera! Drag Queen!

YouTube – Lights! Camera! Drag Queen!. Mike Diamond reporting live in front of a city bus.  His reportage is filled to the brim with such tender and notable one liners… “Hedda’s all over the magazines… you should see her spread in popular mechanics.” And getting ordinary. Shapes absolutely the to sometimes. Went tadalafil this you […]

Hedda Lettuce: Now in sixth place

Though we think, as one commenter put it, that: those other girls should just politely excuse themselves if the powers that be decide that you will be a contestant on this show, honey… You should still vote for Hedda Lettuce, here: RuPaul’s Drag Race Casting | viagra rezeptfrei Here’s one of many of […]