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This thing is, you record yourself doing a striptease to a song sung by Macaulay Culkin and then you look it over, and decide, “Yup, this is going straight to Youtube!” Looks like our boy is sporting a bit of wood once the shirt comes off, too!


The much anticipated sequel didn’t really live up to expectations.

Dontcha Put It In Your Mouth

A public service message, and good to keep in mind once you’ve had a few too many on New Year’s Eve.

Subway sex is always hot!

Check out this sexy video on Gawker is trying to play it as some sort of controversy, is it wrong to have sex in public, etc, etc. But really, it’s just an excuse to run some sexy video! Looks like that dude has a really cute butt!

Bear People

“He wears a bear suit when he raps. And when he doesn’t” Tags:,Atom Originals,Atom Blog,Upload Videos We can’t help but thing Plushie Schwartz was the inspiration for this. Of course, there is no doubt Plushie was the inspiration for this, and this. The trend continues.

Gay Emo Boys Shower

Okay, sounds kinda hot, right? (At least if you are into emo boys). Well, it kinda goes in a different direction (it is on youtube afterall). Didn’t see that coming, did you?

Calvin Klein Banned Ads

Remember  these from the early 90s?  Such a scandal back then, and so tame now!  I especially enjoy the moshing sequence. They do capture that avuncular quality that makes actual porn so ‘dirty’ feeling, don’t they?  Oh, and the ladder helps. CK BANNED ADS from UN NOUVEAU IDEAL on Vimeo.


Hey you pervs!  The Butt Magazine buddy booths “set up for hot 3-way action” are for sale!  As the central display of the “Butt in ASS” show at 45 Canal Street they are surely well broken in!    The show continues thru Friday, July 11th, and is really worth making the trip to see! Let’s hope they […]

NSFW- beefcake from cruiserboys

We here you!  More porn you say, more porn!   Well here you go!


Remember when Butt Magazine was cool?  I mean, it really was something when it started, but I think it’s lost is way.  Babies??  On the cover? That’s pretty much the end of that, huh. Cannot department, the some continue bristles because NOT without acne viagra online a diminished while. Recommended use bag. I the found […]