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Hot or Not?

Are there any masculine guys under 25 now a days? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for queens, sissies and freaks, really. But I think this whole Glee thing has made being prissy way too mainstream!

Spy Boy and Girl Have Fun In Park

We decided that even though is a boy/girl couple (eww!) it is still intriguingly hot. Something about keeping the clothes on (mostly) and the general tawdriness (hows that for a descriptive term?) of it all.

Lightning Cum

It is kinda hot, actually. I love the lighting bolts!

Eeeee! Halloween!

Here’s something creepy for Samhain, err, Halloween! And this: It’s the squishy, snapping rubbing noises that really makes it creepy.

Hard Drive Underwear Party Tonight!

Here’s a great review on the JedCentral blog on what to expect at the new Hard Drive party (opening night is tonight, Oct 27th)! Future Hard Drive parties will feature appearances by Plushie Shwartz and the dirty boys of Dirty Boy Video, among other fun, sexy guests! If you are in NY, be sure to […]

Prison Break – GayVNs and Folsom

If you are in San Francisco next week, DirtyBoyVideo is a co sponsor along with NakedSword, PornTeam, and FactoryVideos the Beer Bust at the Eagle Bar in San Francisco on September 23!  $10 all you can eat BBQ and beer!  Yay!   Plus the money goes to some charity or other, so it’s for a […]


While surfing the usual sexed up blogs I surf every morning (for business purposes, of course!), I spotted this bit of oddness in a banner on the otherwise very sexy I’ve highlighted the weirdness.  What the fuck is that?  A catheter?  Is it sticking out of his ass?  Is fluid running out of it? […]

Dragons having sex with cars!

Wearing a bear suit for sex is one thing, being hot for inanimate objects is another thing, but fantasies about mythical creatures humping cars? Actually, some of these are kinda hot. Maybe I’ve been doing this too long. Next they’ll want the right to get married! Via, which seems a little ‘dragomobile-phobic’ about the […]

Naked Soilder!

With a bazooka, no less! It would be sexier without those really geeky glasses.

Strong Man Ron… and his son?

I think this is a fetish video.  All the elements are there, heavy set men in speedos, lame punching, sitting on each others heads… But then, it somehow seems they mean it, like, it’s not sex play.  They think this is normal.