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A collar, a paddle, a whip that stings…

… these are a few of our favorite things! Leather Boys, Fetish Freaks and Kinky Peeps of all kinds brave the sunlight at Folsom Street East! Mike Diamond reports for Edge On The Net

Pride Month

Mike D. on celebrating diversity: “We’re not that diverse. We’re all bottoms.” How do you spend gay pride? Taking loads?

Drunk Boy Abuse

It’s videos like this that make us feel better about our own inebriated nights. And that we have better, more caring friends than this guy.

Wiener face slap!

In mainstream advertising no less. Yes, yes, it’s obviously been created by an ad agency to go ‘viral’, but really, it is kinda dirty! In a gay way. Thanks to Shaun!

Straight Guy Gets Service

There is something oddly hot about how matter of fact this scene is. The straight guy is just watching his porn, couldn’t matter less who was sucking him off. Even when he comes, it’s like he’s simply using the facilities. Still, oddly hot.

Hot or Not?

Are there any masculine guys under 25 now a days? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for queens, sissies and freaks, really. But I think this whole Glee thing has made being prissy way too mainstream!

Hot Boys Blocked from St. Pat’s Parade on Staten Island

Handsome Dominick DeRubbio (which isnt an Irish name), and (we hope) sexy band of “Young Democrats” were forcibly prevented by police (most of whom we assume do have Irish sounding names) from marching in the Staten Island St. Patrick’s Day parade. Yeah it’s a tired story – St. Pat’s Parade Organizers in NY won’t let […]

Free condoms? Check Your Phone!

The tech savvy folks that run the Dept of Health here in NYC have released an app for the iPhone that locates the nearest location to obtain a free condom. The best part is this quote from Dr. Monica Sweeney: “We want New York City to be the safest city in the world to have […]

Say What?

“Like swallowing. If you mean it do it, but if you’re doing it to be popular, it’s not going to work.” The latest in Mike Diamond’s series of interviews and stuff. DJ Brenda Black enjoys sucking dick, and taking it in the ass! Classy! Gilda is a wig? Why is a wig called “Gilda”?


The much anticipated sequel didn’t really live up to expectations.