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Look at this delicious Pizza with a crust of mini hotdogs

Pizza Hut In Japan Announces Stoner’s Delight, Again Look at this delicious Pizza with a crust of mini hotdogs Jesus. Just LOOK AT IT! It commands you, to look at it! Why can’t we have this here! We are so fat! Don’t we deserve this colon shredding, heartstopping monstrosity? Is that the price in yen […]

This Week In Weed: The Marijuana Meatball Defense

A veteran NYPD cop has lost an appeal for his job after claiming he tested positive for marijuana in a hair sample because his wife spiked his meatballs with weed . . . so he would test positive for marijuana so he would lose his job. Anthony Chiofa had been on the force for 22 […]

This Week In Weed: I Wanna Get High, So High

Marijuana ain’t just for getting stoned anymore. The mighty force called Modern Science has spent many decades building a better bud, and the seemingly infinite number of colorful and fragrant strains they’ve bred have been celebrated with such events as Amsterdam’s annual Cannabis Cup (the Oscars/Grammys/Super Bowl/Olympics of weed) and High Times magazine, which always […]

This Week In Weed: Vapor Trails!

There’s a million ways to smoke dope: in joints, in blunts, pulling through a ripe apple, taking mind-numbingly huge hits from a gravity bong. But none perhaps is kinder on your lungs than puffing through a vaporizer bong, which instead of burning marijuana to produce heavy, carcinogen-filled smoke that scorches the fuck out of your […]

This Week In Weed: Cannabis Ready for Its Close-Up

Looks like puffing pot is finally headed to prime time. A new TV show titled Cannabis Planet that’s all about medical marijuana — from cultivation to consumption and every little nugget in between — premieres tonight on a local San Diego cable channel that reaches four million households in Southern California (it can also be […]

This Week In Weed: Driving Stoned?!

What terrible disasters occur when you smoke a phat joint and get behind the wheel? Watch this British news special “to see what happens when your average Joe blazes up and takes a driving test.” Don’t try this at home:

This Week In Weed

From the good folks at High Times

This Week In Weed: Attack of the Munchies!

Smoking pot often leads to intense, never-ending hunger pangs — the kind that lead to the consumption of things like entire boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Donut Holes or bottomless cartons of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia (Read this to find out why pot makes you hungry). But this being the Big Apple, such typical […]

This Week In Weed: Roll With It

Now that you know that personal possession of up to seven-eighths of an ounce of weed is decriminalized in New York state, it’s time to get yourself some of the good stuff and puff the fuck out of it. I’m not going to tell you where to get some (hint: even the AP knows that […]

This Week in Weed: Dr. Feelgood

Is medical marijuana coming to New York? Our friends at the Marijuana Policy Project sure would like it to, so they’ve unleashed a thick billowing batch of ads targeted at media markets in key New York Senate districts in time for election season. Personal possession of 25 grams, or seven-eighths of an ounce, is decriminalized […]