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Entries for the ‘Weird’ Category

Cooking with Diesel!

One of our favorite New Yorkers and beefy porn stars shares his culinary talents and some really good advice: “Be sure you don’t get any ashes from your blunt on the chicken!” How fucking NICE Diesel Washington’s apartment look? The size of that kitchen! Probably the only cooking segment on YouTube where the chef ends […]

The “NEW” Dirty Boy Video?

Not likely, but close! Take four straight boys from New Jersey, lock them in a glass cubical for 4 hours a day with nothing but beer and a bucket, and you get this: From the SCOPE 2011 NYC art fair last weekend, via Gothamist.

Sexy Stripper Nude Pole Dance

Just like it says on the tin. What? You don’t have a stripper pole in your living room?

Lightning Cum

It is kinda hot, actually. I love the lighting bolts!

Zebra love

Love is a thing of beauty.

Growing Old Gracefully With Mike D.

The fabulous and funny Mike D. offers aging homosexuals some important tips on how to appear young and impress your friends! “Bitch, you can’t have none of my breast milk” Just because you are a troll on the inside, doesn’t mean you have to look like one on the outside!

One more doll sex post!

It’s not a fetish we have! Honest! It’s just kind of fascinating watching boys stick their dicks in inflatable objects. Somehow, it seems really dirty. See more here.

Cute Boy Saved After Riding Blow Up Sex Doll

We’ve seen some great sex doll fuck videos, like this and this, but it never occurred to us to use one as a floatation device! Quote: “The incident led police to warn that blow-up dolls were not recognised floatation devices.” Check out the original story here.

“Transmission of Gonorrhea Through an Inflatable Doll”

So the Skipper got an STD by fucking a blowup doll immediately after the engineer (Gilligan?) ‘ejaculated’ into it. You’d think the Skipper would have felt the goo, no? Unless, of course, he was lying and, after 3 months at sea, caught the STD the old fashioned way. Really, sailors having sex with each other? […]

Prolong Time Perception?

No idea what this dude is talking about. But he’s just so cute (in that Michael Cera way) I can prolong my perception just watching him! The Time Hack – Day 4: Explainer from The Time Hack on Vimeo. That’s all. Via boingboing for what it’s worth.