Ah, it’s a theme that is always hot! Well, as long as your plumber is hot.

Wesley Marks is the dude in the striped shirt (when he’s still wearing it) and with the paragraph tattooed on the right side of his torso. He gets our vote of sexiest boy of the Forth Of July Weekend!

The site has a bunch of really hot boy sex on it. The whole “husband is gay” angle doesn’t matter (I mean, my boyfriend and I live in NYC, so my husband really IS GAY! Just like Michelle Bachmann’s!) Either way, this site is a keeper!

From the site:
So the plumber pops over for the 3rd time in 2 weeks to fix something of Wesleys; this time he realises he’s only there so Preston can see him again. With that in mind Preston quickly whips out his hot jock dick and lets Wesley have all the fun ;). Soon its Wesleys hole that is being plugged, by Preston..

Check them out here.