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Twink floats back to Cuba!

“Twink floats back to Cuba on a used playstation 1 with no controllers and the wrong regional coding.” At least that’s the promising headline for this incredibly stupid video of unattractive young guys drinking beer through a hose.

“Transmission of Gonorrhea Through an Inflatable Doll”

So the Skipper got an STD by fucking a blowup doll immediately after the engineer (Gilligan?) ‘ejaculated’ into it. You’d think the Skipper would have felt the goo, no? Unless, of course, he was lying and, after 3 months at sea, caught the STD the old fashioned way. Really, sailors having sex with each other? […]

“wait, don’t go tiny penis”

Haven’t posted any STUPID PORN links in a long time! Here’s one we just couldn’t ignore! It’s all about the cartoon at the beginning of the clip! Hilarious.

You’ve Got the Smoothest Hands on the Ship!

I know this is very politically incorrect, but the scandalous video from the Navy seems sort of funny to us! In a ‘Man Show’ sort of way. Is it really that bad? It’s not like say, the American Family Association did it. I mean, isn’t everyone in the navy gay anyway? The video sure makes […]

Season’s Greetings

It’s Florida, you go to a church, sit in a pew, and the christmas play begins. Then, a camel falls on you. I think the camel did it on purpose.

Sarah Palin: Animal killer!

Came across these images of Sarah Palin beating a fish to death on her stupid reality show and was reminded of this amazing press conference she gave a couple of Thanksgivings ago! A wonderful conclusion to the Thanksgiving weekend!

We missed Anti-Porn week?

Morality in media (they twisted folks who think that gay rights cause people to become mass murderers) has declared this wear a “White Ribbon Against Pornography” week. They call it WARPED FAMILY, err, WRAP FAMILY.  Of course, they sell little ribbon magnets and pins, and what better way to let people know you are thinking […]

Queefer Madness!

A recent Something Awful Photoshop contest was Porn Versions of Classic Films. These are the good ones: These are the only good ones, the rest are sort of predictable and lame.   I mean, is Adam Sandler’s “50 First Dates” really a ‘classic’?  I guess to straight people it is. Besides, the porn industry does all […]

How To Have Sexual Intercourse With An Inflatable Zebra

Yes.  Details instructions on how to have “va…vaginal inter-intercourse with a life-size inflatable zebra. Intro here. The real question is: Where do you get a giant life-size inflatable zebra complete with a pink pussy opening??

Gaybashing at Stonewall Now in English!

Vicious anti-gay assault in the men’s room of the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street. Literally last week’s news. However, we came across a site that took the original article and auto-translated from English to something else and back again. Here’s a few gems: “I don’t dislike merry people,” said Francis, shitting at a plateau in […]