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Plastic Surgery Disasters

Plushie has finally given in to his vanity, and is currently under the knife of a plastic surgeon! He is doing fine, and wants to thank all of you for your outpouring of support and kindness! Your gifts have been marvelous, but please, instead of sending money, pick your favorite charity and donate it there. […]

More Dancing Marines

What makes these vids so hot is not just the half naked 20-something marine gyrating around waving a gun in the air. No. It’s that another 20-something marine (hopefully half naked as well) made the effort to document his buddy on video AND then post it YouTube for us to jerk off to, err, enjoy.

Dancing Marines

It’s a military theme this weekend, I guess. Fun times in the barracks!

Wait. What?

Really? See, this is what happens when you let straight people shoot gay porn. I mean, umm, ‘milk squirting boys’?  Literally?   Wings and a red witch hat? Stupid, stupid straight people.


Hey you pervs!  The Butt Magazine buddy booths “set up for hot 3-way action” are for sale!  As the central display of the “Butt in ASS” show at 45 Canal Street they are surely well broken in!    The show continues thru Friday, July 11th, and is really worth making the trip to see! Let’s hope they […]

Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More

Now, I find young men dressing up as soldiers and playing with guns as hot as the next guy, but you have to file this in the “this can’t be good” category.  The NYTimes reports that boy scouts are training to fight “terrorists and more.”  The more, in this case, are illegal immigrants.  Because, poor, […]