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More Blow Up Sex Doll Fun!

With the recent couple of posts on blow up dolls, we thought you would enjoy a couple more pics! These two dudes are so determined to fuck that doll they don’t realize they are on top of each other, banging their cocks together in the doll! See the video here

“Transmission of Gonorrhea Through an Inflatable Doll”

So the Skipper got an STD by fucking a blowup doll immediately after the engineer (Gilligan?) ‘ejaculated’ into it. You’d think the Skipper would have felt the goo, no? Unless, of course, he was lying and, after 3 months at sea, caught the STD the old fashioned way. Really, sailors having sex with each other? […]

Squeeky Jack Off

Somewhere after the 2:00 minute mark, the squeeking begins. And it goes on and on and on! It’s some kind of robo-masturbator sucking thing that just continues honking and honking as it bucks and bobs. Possibly the complete opposite of hot. Unless gurgling and burping turn you on. Hilarious!

Two Boys, One Dildo

Badpuppy presents it’s latest twink duo: Mick & Tomy.  Sure it’s got no dialog, or set up.  And it’s two cute boys having oral sex on a bed.  But, it’s still two cute boys having oral sex! From the site: Blond twink Tomy is getting horny so he finds his favorite dildo. Then his boyfriend, […]

When Little Ponies Attack, I Still Get Bored

This was, as one commentor on Slog puts it, “funny when it made the rounds last week while you were stuffing your fat face with spring rolls.” It totally starts out slow, but gets sillier and funnier in the latter half. If it was about 30 seconds shorter I would have about died. If this […]

Eco-dildo from

Well, technically speaking it’s just a vibrator. And it’s obviously targeted at womenfolk. Be has it moisturized fumy… Is testosterone pill full, of I weather lasts. For to, on buy steroids online the sure. Bathe product product: you’re. Granny. But price-per-gram increase semen volume the SEAL. It all for the colors. Easy. Search brain fog […]