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NYC Bike Lane Lunacy

As someone who rides a bike in NY, AND thinks the police DO have it out for bike riders, this is good. Really makes a point. Oh, and there IS NO law requiring us to USE the bike lanes! Great slap stick! I wouldn’t want to those kind of pavement falls even if I planned […]

Pride Month

Mike D. on celebrating diversity: “We’re not that diverse. We’re all bottoms.” How do you spend gay pride? Taking loads?

Releasing Tension!

Great shoot from! When Kyle takes a break in the paint studio, he tries to relieve some tension by pushing sexy bottom boy Andrew around a bit. Andrew shoves him back, and Kyle really takes charge – grabbing Andrew’s head and stuffing his tongue down his throat! They quickly strip down naked, Kyle working […]

Cooking with Diesel!

One of our favorite New Yorkers and beefy porn stars shares his culinary talents and some really good advice: “Be sure you don’t get any ashes from your blunt on the chicken!” How fucking NICE Diesel Washington’s apartment look? The size of that kitchen! Probably the only cooking segment on YouTube where the chef ends […]

Mike D. at the Black Party Expo

You know quickly Mike makes friends at events like these! Calling this video “Gaping Holes” is sure to set him in a favorable light! “So you’re not an escort?” “No, I’m an accountant.” This is only part one, so stay tuned!!

The new and improved website of the prolific, multi-talented and super sexy Brian Kenny! Definitely check it out, and his blog, too! Plus, he’s a Plushie Schwartz fan!

Surveillance Footage from Hard Drive

More footage and pics are leaking out from the underground Hard Drive Parties! In this surveillance camera footage from inside the ‘Dirty Boy Confessional Box’ (sorry, no audio) James and Jack – two of HUNG BOYS get familiar with each other!   In the photos, you can see Jack’s cock is almost to big for […]

Austin’s Perfect Pecker

Just look at that perfect dick! And on a cute boy too! That’s an xmas gift that I’m not going to return! Via

NewNowNext: ThanksFisting!

Mike Diamond gets into the holiday spirit! Check out all his junk:

Scenes From A Hair Show

Mike Diamond crashes some hair stylist convention. Or something. But he’s always fun! Monkey Paw Pussy? There’s a giant white rabbit, too!