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Yup. It’s the classic tale: Boy Meets Girl, Boy brings his best friend over. Boy fucks girl while best friend video tapes it. Best friend takes his pants off, masturbates to the whole scene. Every one cums. And you will too! See the video here.

It’s Not Gay If It’s a Threeway!

Gay Boy Owen crosses over to the straight side (at least this one time)! He talks Jewel into letting Freddie fuck her while he watches! Freddie makes it clear he does NOT want Owen to get ‘to close’ to him when they are naked, hard and fucking that girl. One thing leads to another and […]

Straight Boys In The Shower

Dirty Boy Video, has two sexy amateur straight guys soaping each other up in the shower! Bryce and Lex do what boys tend to do when they get wet and naked – sport wood! These two amateur straight boys jump in the shower soaping each other up and rinsing each other off! Laughing and joking, […]

Drunk Boy Abuse

It’s videos like this that make us feel better about our own inebriated nights. And that we have better, more caring friends than this guy.

Shy Ricky

Ricky said he was a shy guy when he first met our Don Rodd, but this shoot begs to differ. This shy guy knows just what to do once the cameras start rolling!

Straight boys into ass play!

Just a couple of regular college guys! Chris hasn’t been laid in a while, and Kieron has a surprise for him: Nikki! Guiding Nikki’s head up and down Chris’ cock is like he’s jerking him off with her face! As they take turns getting head and making out, you KNOW Kieron can taste Chris’ cock […]

Over the Edge!

The edge of the motel room bed! Check out this scene from Straight Boys Fucking. Blinx comes out of the shower to find two of his best buds getting into a threeway. The scene is hot, and Blinx quickly drops his towel and jerks off to the live bi-sex show! He and Cain’s girlfriend watch […]

Girl Sucks Two Cocks!

Thomas. is back, this time ready to hammer Grace with her pal Finn! After a few joints, they relax and strip down to their underwear. The fooling around builds from kissing and hand jobs to some great cocksucking and of course, fucking! Check it out!

“Watching you fuck, I’m gonna cum again!”

Straightboysfucking is serious about how straight *most* of their boys are! Check out Alex and Dude. They really get into, and off on Grace! From the site: We’ve put Alex up with Dude, a beefy, smooth chested, 21 year old straight guy with a big cock. The foreplay begins with Dude getting hard in his […]

Straight Guy Gets Service

There is something oddly hot about how matter of fact this scene is. The straight guy is just watching his porn, couldn’t matter less who was sucking him off. Even when he comes, it’s like he’s simply using the facilities. Still, oddly hot.