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You’ve Got the Smoothest Hands on the Ship!

I know this is very politically incorrect, but the scandalous video from the Navy seems sort of funny to us! In a ‘Man Show’ sort of way. Is it really that bad? It’s not like say, the American Family Association did it. I mean, isn’t everyone in the navy gay anyway? The video sure makes […]

Tighty Whiteys!

Hey, I know! Let’s all take off our pants and put on our gas masks (which we just happened to bring with us to this hotel room) and video tape ourselves dancing around like crazy! Yeah, that’s an excellent idea!

Trained to kill… and Dance!

These young men are trained to used guns.  And, apparently, in the strategic use of ‘jazz hands.”

More Dancing Marines

What makes these vids so hot is not just the half naked 20-something marine gyrating around waving a gun in the air. No. It’s that another 20-something marine (hopefully half naked as well) made the effort to document his buddy on video AND then post it YouTube for us to jerk off to, err, enjoy.

Dancing Marines

It’s a military theme this weekend, I guess. Fun times in the barracks!

More marines in their underpants!

Red one, no less. That way men can find him in the dark!

Soldiers in Pink

Sexy Soldiers in Slinky Underthings! Is this what the military is going to look like now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been declared unconstitutional? Sign me up!

Naked Marine Fires His Weapon

Okay, so he’s not the hottest naked marine we’ve ever seen, but still, he IS a marine.  And he IS naked.  And just look at the size of his rocket! Silly Straight People!