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Straight Boys In The Shower

Dirty Boy Video, has two sexy amateur straight guys soaping each other up in the shower! Bryce and Lex do what boys tend to do when they get wet and naked – sport wood! These two amateur straight boys jump in the shower soaping each other up and rinsing each other off! Laughing and joking, […]

Favorite banner ad

This is one of our favorite ads from DirtyBoyVideo! Naked at his desk, busted surfing gay porn. Plus, even though he’s being photographed (his hand up to block the camera) HE CAN’T TAKE HIS EYES OFF THE SCREEN! Whatever he’s looking at must be worth the humiliation.

Releasing Tension!

Great shoot from! When Kyle takes a break in the paint studio, he tries to relieve some tension by pushing sexy bottom boy Andrew around a bit. Andrew shoves him back, and Kyle really takes charge – grabbing Andrew’s head and stuffing his tongue down his throat! They quickly strip down naked, Kyle working […]

Boy Worships Cock

Yes. He does. Owen likes cock! Especially Brandon’s big one! These two blond boys get in Branden’s mom’s attic to shoot a sex video! Branden is tall, lean and hung. Owen is tattooed, smooth and ready to suck that dick. Branden picks Owen up and spins him on to the bed before they strip down […]

Cocksucking Boy Gets Facial!

Isn’t that what always happens?  If you’re lucky!  Here is the latest from DirtyBoyVideo: When Jaret met Brandon, it was lust at first sight. “I’m pretty straight,” Jaret explains – and he can back that claim up with his appearances on StraightBoysFucking here and here. “But if a cute boy comes along…” As he undresses Brandon, he […]

Warehouse Fuckers!

Excellent scene from Dirty Boy Video here! Zack takes a break to catch his breath – and rub one out! He strips naked, his fat meat ready for some attention. That’s when Jack H. comes in through the rear entrance (no pun intended)! Watching Zack work his meat is enough to Jack going, and he […]

“So, do I suck it?”

So begins the ongoing corruption of the young Jack President! It’s a freezing cold day in New York City and the heat is out at the Machine Shop. We convince Jack to ‘try a guy’ for the first time, and he and Kyle slowly warm their hands under each other’s shirts, sticking their fingers in […]

Fucked, again!

Spinning his boy toy around, Zack again sticks his talented tongue into Scott, only this time it’s in Scott’s ass! He works that hole wide open as Scott begs him to fuck it! Whipping off his shirt, Zack obliges, first finger fucking Scott then stuffing his uncut sausage deep in Scott’s hole. The hot action […]

Surveillance Footage from Hard Drive

More footage and pics are leaking out from the underground Hard Drive Parties! In this surveillance camera footage from inside the ‘Dirty Boy Confessional Box’ (sorry, no audio) James and Jack – two of HUNG BOYS get familiar with each other!   In the photos, you can see Jack’s cock is almost to big for […]

Boy Gets Butt Pounded

Just like the title says! Owen and Kade have been friends for a while, but when Kade finally tells Owen how badly he wants to get fucked, Owen is all for it! Heated, passionate and hot. It’s a sixty-nine junk lunch! Owen pounds Kade’s hot willing ass. The cum is literally fucked out of Kade, […]