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Yup. It’s the classic tale: Boy Meets Girl, Boy brings his best friend over. Boy fucks girl while best friend video tapes it. Best friend takes his pants off, masturbates to the whole scene. Every one cums. And you will too! See the video here.

It’s Not Gay If It’s a Threeway!

Gay Boy Owen crosses over to the straight side (at least this one time)! He talks Jewel into letting Freddie fuck her while he watches! Freddie makes it clear he does NOT want Owen to get ‘to close’ to him when they are naked, hard and fucking that girl. One thing leads to another and […]

Damn! It’s juicy!!

Troy is a hot, fit, 20 year old with one HUGE cock. He’s seen dudes fuck watermelons in amateur gay porn and wanted to try it! We were glad to shell out the $4.99 for the fruit! He slices a hole in the top, and comments, “it’s juicy,” before taking a taste of his ripe, […]

Favorite banner ad

This is one of our favorite ads from DirtyBoyVideo! Naked at his desk, busted surfing gay porn. Plus, even though he’s being photographed (his hand up to block the camera) HE CAN’T TAKE HIS EYES OFF THE SCREEN! Whatever he’s looking at must be worth the humiliation.

Releasing Tension!

Great shoot from! When Kyle takes a break in the paint studio, he tries to relieve some tension by pushing sexy bottom boy Andrew around a bit. Andrew shoves him back, and Kyle really takes charge – grabbing Andrew’s head and stuffing his tongue down his throat! They quickly strip down naked, Kyle working […]

Mike D. at the Black Party Expo

You know quickly Mike makes friends at events like these! Calling this video “Gaping Holes” is sure to set him in a favorable light! “So you’re not an escort?” “No, I’m an accountant.” This is only part one, so stay tuned!

Warehouse Fuckers!

Excellent scene from Dirty Boy Video here! Zack takes a break to catch his breath – and rub one out! He strips naked, his fat meat ready for some attention. That’s when Jack H. comes in through the rear entrance (no pun intended)! Watching Zack work his meat is enough to Jack going, and he […]

Spy Boy and Girl Have Fun In Park

We decided that even though is a boy/girl couple (eww!) it is still intriguingly hot. Something about keeping the clothes on (mostly) and the general tawdriness (hows that for a descriptive term?) of it all.

Free condoms? Check Your Phone!

The tech savvy folks that run the Dept of Health here in NYC have released an app for the iPhone that locates the nearest location to obtain a free condom. The best part is this quote from Dr. Monica Sweeney: “We want New York City to be the safest city in the world to have […]

Lightning Cum

It is kinda hot, actually. I love the lighting bolts!