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Season’s Greetings

It’s Florida, you go to a church, sit in a pew, and the christmas play begins. Then, a camel falls on you. I think the camel did it on purpose.

TONIGHT – Beer Bust at the San Francisco EAGLE!

Remember, if you are in San Fran tonight, to swing by the Eagle bar and have a beer and some BBQ cooking! There’ll be porn starts! And beer!

Slap Peace

Pinko Commie Fag Slava Mogutin has a new video up on youtube, Slap Peace with the very sexy Gio Black Peter and Neil Young in their underpants! It’s interesting as the slapping progresses, how it appears that they hit harder or lighter depending on how hard/light the other’s slap was.  It’s also comes across as […]

Gas mask music fun!

Does anyone know what the song is on this? The video is really great! Update: The song is “Seconds” by Le Tigre, thanks to Daniel in the comments!

Mansized Cock

Yup.  Cute boys, big cocks.  Pretty much sums it up. Be sure to check out

Super Flexible Self Sucker

Really impressive self sucker. Not just licking his own tip, but full on self-suck job!  He’s really cute, has a really nice cock, and can suck it like there’s no tomorrow.  Sweet. It’s important to appreciate physical prowess.

Calvin Klein Banned Ads

Remember  these from the early 90s?  Such a scandal back then, and so tame now!  I especially enjoy the moshing sequence. They do capture that avuncular quality that makes actual porn so ‘dirty’ feeling, don’t they?  Oh, and the ladder helps. CK BANNED ADS from UN NOUVEAU IDEAL on Vimeo.

NSFW- beefcake from cruiserboys

We here you!  More porn you say, more porn!   Well here you go!

Vermont Victory Party TONIGHT in USQ

I know you’ve heard about the Vermont State Legislature overturning the governor’s veto on same-sex marriages and becoming the first state to legislatively declare that GLBT couples can get married there. If not, you live under a rock. Coupled with the Iowa State Supreme Court declaring that not allowing gays to get hitched is discrimination […]