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Amateur boy jerks off, cums

Mark is a tattooed East Village punk. Used to being serviced, this straight guy needs the help of our photographer to get him going, not that’s he’s complaining.

Fat Latin Cock

Yup. Alex’s fat latin cock begs to be fondled licked and sucked. Pulling back his foreskin, gently tugging back his foreskin and sniffing at his balls would be a pleasure. Get up close and personal.

Steven And Jack!

Latino hotties Jack and Steven boast some serious chorizo! They are so sexed up Don Rodd’s rod gets so stiff they can’t help but reach out and grab it! Fat cocks, furious cock slurping, and just plain hot sex makes this a scene not to miss!

Tommy on DickShow

Straight boy Tommy says he “had an orgy one time, that turned into boy on boy,” and, “I make out with my friends sometimes.” Hot. Except for the nail polish.

Matt & Steven

Dickshow is featuring a duo with monster cocks! Matt and Steven sizzle as they get turned on and boned up. After sucking Steven’s fattie all the way down, Matt rolls over on his back and spreads his muscular legs so Steven can stuff his meat deep into his ass! Just look at them!

Jimi has a big dick.

This is pretty simple. Jimi has a big dick. He’s skinny, smooth, and sexy in a kind of sleazy way. You can tell that just jerking off is dirty to him! Plus, he’s got a really cute butt!! From the DickShow site: Slender, smooth, and sexed up! Jimi jacks his big junk for us – […]

Nelson & Zack on DickShow

Dickshow has a couple of cuties going for it in this pretty hot scene! Zack, the cute blond, and Nelson (nipple piercings) have been dating for about 6 months. What’s so great here is that Zack shoots his FIRST LOAD just making out with Nelson! See the video on Dick Show!

Matt & Logan on DickShow

Matt’s tall and wiry, so when Logan gets those pesky clothes off, you know he’s in for a BIG surprise! Logan takes his sweet time with that mighty cock in his mouth. Slow and gentle…Logan’s magic lips are lovin’ every last minute! Lots more of Matt and Logan here.

Cole on DickShow

Straight boy Cole shakes his ass in a dirty gay bar to make cash for college. He’s there every weekend, stripping down to his jock strap, getting horny because of all the attention. Why don’t you give him a little love and help this cute guy get his PhD in hotness? See the video of […]

Kyle Cranks One Out!

We’ve been on a bit of a DickShow kick these last couple of days, and with good reason! Every once in awhile a real hottie bubbles to the surface and and you just have to stop, unzip, and stroke over him. Yes, it’s true. These pics are for masturbating to. Enjoy!