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Thomas on DickShow

Dickshow is a (mostly) solo site featuring ‘regular guys’ off the street. The kind of guys you would check out and cruise when they walk by. And Thomas is definitely one of those dudes! From the site: Thomas is a hot, beefy, construction worker here in New York City. He’s Bi, and a bottom! Check […]

money, success, fame, glamor

This thing is, you record yourself doing a striptease to a song sung by Macaulay Culkin and then you look it over, and decide, “Yup, this is going straight to Youtube!” Looks like our boy is sporting a bit of wood once the shirt comes off, too!

Drunk Boy Abuse

It’s videos like this that make us feel better about our own inebriated nights. And that we have better, more caring friends than this guy.

Straight boys into ass play!

Just a couple of regular college guys! Chris hasn’t been laid in a while, and Kieron has a surprise for him: Nikki! Guiding Nikki’s head up and down Chris’ cock is like he’s jerking him off with her face! As they take turns getting head and making out, you KNOW Kieron can taste Chris’ cock […]

Yuri Is Yummy!

Yuri is single and he prefers to keep it that way. “All I need to get off is my hand on my cock. Anyone else just gets in the way!” From YouLoveJack: He drops his pants to reveal a pair of bright pink underwear with his boner poking at the fabric and begging to be […]

Tommy on DickShow

Straight boy Tommy says he “had an orgy one time, that turned into boy on boy,” and, “I make out with my friends sometimes.” Hot. Except for the nail polish.

Gary Hart from Youlovejack!

Gary isn’t big on words. “What am I supposed to say? I’m sitting here naked and my cock is rock hard. Do me already!” From the site: “He stands up again and loses the underwear. The camera settles in front of his stocky little frame and enjoys the show as he roughly strokes his meat. […]

Cocksucking Boy Gets Facial!

Isn’t that what always happens?  If you’re lucky!  Here is the latest from DirtyBoyVideo: When Jaret met Brandon, it was lust at first sight. “I’m pretty straight,” Jaret explains – and he can back that claim up with his appearances on StraightBoysFucking here and here. “But if a cute boy comes along…” As he undresses Brandon, he […]

Boys Proving How Straight They Are

Meet Nathaniel and Alex, two young, muscular straight guys with athletic builds and handsome faces! They are excited to meet Tobi because they know she gets into having two dudes at the same time. Working as a team, Nate gets behind her as his buddy gets down on his knees! Alex gets worked up making […]

Another Big Cock from YouLoveJack!

From the site: Michael admits that he’s pretty much horny all the time. “It doesn’t matter what I’m doing or where I am. I’m always thinking about getting off!” And that is exactly what we like to hear from sexy boys with hard dicks! Check out the rest at