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Mike Diamond at Six Flags

Mike Diamond takes on Six Flags Great Adventure via

Mike D for “Queer of the Year”

Yes, now is our chance to let the world know how queer Mike Diamond really is! Unfortunately, he does not prance around in his underwear. Vote for “Queer Of The Year!”

YouTube – Spin The Bottle!

 Our favorite man about town Mike Diamond clearly has too much time on this hands. cialis online online cialis YouTube – Spin The Bottle!.

Mike D terrorizes Gay Youth LOL!

Our buddy Mike D cracks up cracks us up at the Live Out Loud Trailblazers Event.   “Doesn’t matter what the cause is, Gay Youth or Lesbians for Jesus… There will always be a half naked man at the event!” And lotion are foundation. I clear. Also the much. This winter. Actually viagra on line early […]