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Vagina bubbles from hell!!

Saw this over at boingboing.  Some gay ninja is having a strange ninja interaction with a female ninja.  Then she pulls out her ‘secret weapon’! Gay ninja fights back, but it’s too late!   Lady ninja’s vaginal suds are on the loose and take gay ninja down!   Finally the truth about vaginas:  vaginas attack […]

Wait. What?

Really? See, this is what happens when you let straight people shoot gay porn. I mean, umm, ‘milk squirting boys’?  Literally?   Wings and a red witch hat? Stupid, stupid straight people.


The endlessly amusing Westboro Church – you know, the wacky family of ‘God Hates Fags’  fame – have arrived!   What fun!  My favorite is the sign in the lower left:  “YOU WILL EAT YOUR BABIES” Haha!  Silly straight people!  Don’t they know asshole babies never live? I wonder where they are staying? Students Turn […]