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Lightning Cum

It is kinda hot, actually. I love the lighting bolts!

Zebra love

Love is a thing of beauty.

Growing Old Gracefully With Mike D.

The fabulous and funny Mike D. offers aging homosexuals some important tips on how to appear young and impress your friends! “Bitch, you can’t have none of my breast milk” Just because you are a troll on the inside, doesn’t mean you have to look like one on the outside!

Hot dogs on a rake!

How much do you love Amy Sedaris? How much? It’s like the hot dogs are cocks!! She is hilarious!

“wait, don’t go tiny penis”

Haven’t posted any STUPID PORN links in a long time! Here’s one we just couldn’t ignore! It’s all about the cartoon at the beginning of the clip! Hilarious.

Mike Dreyden is Kosher, but a ‘pig’ in bed. (duh!)

Mike Diamond chats with scruffy porn star Mike Dreyden, and things get hairy! Taped at VIG 27 in New York City. Forskinlicious!

Say What?

“Like swallowing. If you mean it do it, but if you’re doing it to be popular, it’s not going to work.” The latest in Mike Diamond’s series of interviews and stuff. DJ Brenda Black enjoys sucking dick, and taking it in the ass! Classy! Gilda is a wig? Why is a wig called “Gilda”?

Oww, my aching prostate!

Mike Diamond’s ongoing exploration of his own life in the Big Apple: “The scent of gingerbread, I still cum and cry at the same time!”


The much anticipated sequel didn’t really live up to expectations.

Say What?

Mike Diamond interviews Go Go Harder, boylesque performer. He’s smart and sexy! See more of Go-Go Harder here.