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Punks, Get Off The Grass!

Just got notice of Daniel Nardicio’s “Horn Of Plenty” party planned for next Wednesday, Thanksgiving eve, which will be fantastic, and not to be missed! Stuck in the middle of all the fun tidbits he always includes in his emails was a link to an mp3 of Edith Massey’s “Punks, Get Off The Grass!” Who […]

Plushie Schwartz at Hard Drive A Huge Success

DirtyBoyVideo has released today the first look at the goings on at the Plushie Schwartz live appearance at the Hard Drive Underwear party! Introduced by the unstoppable nightlife promoter, player and personality Michael Formika Jones, Plushie took to the stage with a little dance, pleasing the underwear clad crowd! Picking a cute boy from the […]

Plushie Schwartz at Hard Drive Underwear Party

WEDNESDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 10TH! SEE Plushie Schwartz LIVE at the Hard Drive Men party! Plushie will be challenging party guests to a “deep throat” contest for fun and prizes! If you are in NYC, you should really, really come by! Doors open at 8, with only $20 before 9 ($25 after). Hunteur Vreeland, creator of […]

HARD DRIVE: New Underwear Party On Wednesdays!

This is a NEW, revamped, sexed up, hot underwear (or less!) party in Manhattan! Opening Night is Wednesday, October 27th! – NYC! Brought to you by the sexy guys behind Grab Ass/Cum Monkey, HARD DRIVE promises to be even hotter!  With a tighter door policy than their previous events, you can expect hot men in […]

Spotted! Daniel Nardicio, in a TIE!

Just wanted to point out our good friend and yours, Daniel Nardicio (right) in Gawker’s bloggorhea about Levi Johnson. He cleans up nice, don’t he?! As the Observer’s John Koblin interviewed Playgirl’s spokesman Daniel Nardicio about the future of the magazine, the Levi interviews started… We’ll be sure to actually read that issue of the […]

Girls Who Are Boys Who Like Boys To Be ‘Girls’

So the sexy fairy boys of up-and-coming indie-rock act Girls are getting down-and-dirty with their “Lust for Life” video, a NSFW clip that features a slew of naked titties, vibrant drug exploration, bathtub love and dudes singing lovingly into each other’s cocks! As guitarist Chet “JR” White explains: “It’s really beautiful– about two people who […]

Furry Night on Christopher Street!

Could it be true!?  On several Monday evenings now, stumbling home after drinks (’cause in NY Mondays are drinking nights!) we’ve spotted this in front of the infamous Boots & Saddles!(Identity of cutest boy in the world is masked just for fun!) So it must be official:  Monday is Furry Night at Boots & Saddles! […]

Lady Gaga Sucks at Bowling…

As the leaves turn brown and mercury begins its annual descent, NYCers begin to look indoors for fun. For a more authentic NY experience, check out Melody Lanes (no website!) in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. With 30 lanes, a proper dive bar, a greasy-spoon snack shop serving awful pizza (and did we mention no website!), Melody […]

Five Guys + One Girl: “Thank God I Filmed It”

“It was just 5 minutes and 58 seconds of grainy footage from a public men’s bathroom in a college dormitory…” “There were sexual acts between at least two people and the young woman was consenting,” “It was graphic. It looked like they were in the outside of a shower stall,” The latest update from the […]

Meat Racket Parade – Friday Night!

Daniel Nardicio, good friend and promoter extraordinaire, will be on Fire Island’s Cherry Grove tomorrow night, throwing his weekly Underwear party! To kick off the summer season, he will be leading a parade, complete with his Go Go boys, performers, and a 20 person marching band from outside ferry dock in the Pines thru the […]