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Naked Marine Fires His Weapon

Okay, so he’s not the hottest naked marine we’ve ever seen, but still, he IS a marine.  And he IS naked.  And just look at the size of his rocket! Silly Straight People!

How many soldiers can fit in a Port-A-Potty?

14. Yes. Fourteen young muscular military trained men crammed together in your standard portable toilet. Be all you can be! Reminds us of the gem from the NYCGuys archives: Phone Booth!

“Does my butt look big in these fatigues?”

No idea where this is from or anything. But it’s funny. “Don’t like girls, but I like guys! Poke me in my big brown eye!” Maybe I could make it in the Army!

Naked Soilder!

With a bazooka, no less! It would be sexier without those really geeky glasses.

Soldier Shrimps Soldier, hot.

We’ve all seen too many porn sites with fake, over-produced, staged “straight men” goofing around that turns sexual.  Well, here is an example of the real thing.  Authentic, fun and sexy, too. Lick it.

adam shows how to deep throat a banana

Adam Lambert? While checking out military guys turning each other on – I’m wondering why that’s so hot? Because he’s cute, ostensibly straight, yet putting a banana deep down his throat as if he were a true cocksucker. No small feat. But actually while that feels good when performed on your ding dong, it feels […]

NSFW: Do Your Part For Veteran’s Day By Watching This!

Show your support for those who served for our country this week by blowing your load to this new slice of fun from All-American Heroes… Special Ops Robert came back to meet up with Petty Officer Tanner to talk about an extremely controversial issue, gays in the military. Surprisingly both men were for it. Robert told Tanner […]

Sexually Confused Frat Boys – HOT!

No, it’s not the newest update from  It’s the latest on US Military outsourcing security in Afghanistan! Contractors guarding the State Department facilities in Kabul have been “peeing on one another, simulating anal sex, doing “butt shots,” and “eating potato chips out of ass cracks.” Haha.  Repressed Straight People. Is this from Owen Hawk’s latest […]

6th Precinct = Pride Party Poopers!

We’ve been dangling off the fire escapes of Christopher Street to watch the Gay Pride Parade for, oh, 19 years! And the neighbors have been doing it for the full 40 years since the original gay riot. But for some reason this year, the NYPD has hung flyers up and down the block, ‘recommending’ we […]

Iran VIDEO: The Uprising

As an old punk rock/queer activist cum pornographer, I’ve always been attracted to anti-establishment imagery of standing up and fighting back.  I was only 12 when Harvey Milk was murdered, but I’ll never forget how excited I was when I first saw footage of a row of burning police cars in San Francisco from the […]