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Entries for the ‘Weird’ Category

Hot dogs on a rake!

How much do you love Amy Sedaris? How much? It’s like the hot dogs are cocks!! She is hilarious!

“wait, don’t go tiny penis”

Haven’t posted any STUPID PORN links in a long time! Here’s one we just couldn’t ignore! It’s all about the cartoon at the beginning of the clip! Hilarious.


The much anticipated sequel didn’t really live up to expectations.


It’s disturbing, really. Why would someone make this?

Season’s Greetings

It’s Florida, you go to a church, sit in a pew, and the christmas play begins. Then, a camel falls on you. I think the camel did it on purpose.

RapeScan Systems, Inc

This came out about a week ago, but it’s worth viewing again. Those Taiwanese animators do a great job pointing out how corporate interests continue to dictate security policy. Also worth noting is the portrayal of Bin Laden laughing at us, he’s won. A government that photographs and gropes your junk, that’s pretty terrifying!

Sarah Palin: Animal killer!

Came across these images of Sarah Palin beating a fish to death on her stupid reality show and was reminded of this amazing press conference she gave a couple of Thanksgivings ago! A wonderful conclusion to the Thanksgiving weekend!

The Partridge Bunch

Wonderfully demented. I hope this trend continues! I’m thankful for this.

Garrett Coleman Productions

Came across this odd little sit-com mashup. It’s good (if not a bit creepy!). Are there a lot of people doing this now?

Scenes From A Hair Show

Mike Diamond crashes some hair stylist convention. Or something. But he’s always fun! Monkey Paw Pussy? There’s a giant white rabbit, too!