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Billy Hicks on YouLoveJack!

Billy knows not everyone can handle his 10″ monster of a cock. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my cock! But sometimes girls complain that’s it’s TOO big. Fucking bitches!”

Billy strips naked and shows off his smooth and ripped body with his gigantic cock hanging down his leg halfway to his knee! He lazily jacks that monster and sets the bar for how sexy an 18 year old straight guy can be. Totally. Fucking. Hot.

NYC Bike Lane Lunacy

As someone who rides a bike in NY, AND thinks the police DO have it out for bike riders, this is good. Really makes a point. Oh, and there IS NO law requiring us to USE the bike lanes!

Great slap stick! I wouldn’t want to those kind of pavement falls even if I planned on it! And for the record, it is impressive how polite the cop is while dealing with the man he is writing a wrongful ticket to. But notice he didn’t even bother to get out of the patrol car!

Pride Month

Mike D. on celebrating diversity: “We’re not that diverse. We’re all bottoms.”

How do you spend gay pride? Taking loads?

Twink floats back to Cuba!

“Twink floats back to Cuba on a used playstation 1 with no controllers and the wrong regional coding.”

At least that’s the promising headline for this incredibly stupid video of unattractive young guys drinking beer through a hose.

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This thing is, you record yourself doing a striptease to a song sung by Macaulay Culkin and then you look it over, and decide, “Yup, this is going straight to Youtube!”

Looks like our boy is sporting a bit of wood once the shirt comes off, too!

Drunk Boy Abuse

It’s videos like this that make us feel better about our own inebriated nights. And that we have better, more caring friends than this guy.

William Prince on YouLoveJack

You DO love jack!

From the site:
“William stands up to take of his t-shirt and looks right in the camera as he stands there bare naked as the day he was born. Half ashamed at his nudity but too horny to care! He collects himself and attempts to throw his shirt on the floor but the sleeve gets caught on his rock hard cock and he just stands there for a second with his t-shirt hanging from his cock. Totally fucking hot!”

Check it out!

Amateur boy jerks off, cums

Mark is a tattooed East Village punk. Used to being serviced, this straight guy needs the help of our photographer to get him going, not that’s he’s complaining.

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Shy Ricky

Ricky said he was a shy guy when he first met our Don Rodd, but this shoot begs to differ.

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amateur gay porn

This shy guy knows just what to do once the cameras start rolling!

Fat Latin Cock


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fat latin cock

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Alex’s fat latin cock begs to be fondled licked and sucked. Pulling back his foreskin, gently tugging back his foreskin and sniffing at his balls would be a pleasure. Get up close and personal.