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Would You Like Booze With Your Shake?

With the mercury finally fucking rising all around town, what’s a better way to beat the heat than scarfing down some free ice cream? How about some fucking FREE FUCKING MAKER’S MARKS MILKSHAKES?! This summer you can get both, thanks to the awesome dudes at They’ve planned out an entire season of free frozen-treat […]

Dropped! Footballer trousers… in shameful exit from club

I have no idea who this cute 20 year old Danish guy is, or what they are talking about (Arsenal Star?  Earned eight caps? Striker?) but I’d be happy to help him stumble out of a club with his pants falling down! Is to ever because recommend case. After. Site bottle it. You it’s […]

Joe Cocker = original Amy Winehouse

JJ’s post about Joe Crocker reminded me of this fantastic footage of poor Amy where instead of singing the words she just sort of scats (as in Crothers, not poop) her way thru the song.  I know she has her problems, but, the whole thing is  seems kinda on purpose.  I always thought it was amazing. […]

Joe Cocker Lyrics Translated

Ok, so I don’t normally click on the links for the cookie recipe or what have you that get forwarded by less internots savvy elderly folks in my fams… but my mother’s got a pretty good sense of humor. When she says she nearly wet her pants laughing, it means she probably did wee a […]