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Hot dogs on a rake!

How much do you love Amy Sedaris? How much? It’s like the hot dogs are cocks!! She is hilarious!

Mike Dreyden is Kosher, but a ‘pig’ in bed. (duh!)

Mike Diamond chats with scruffy porn star Mike Dreyden, and things get hairy! Taped at VIG 27 in New York City. Forskinlicious!

Plastic Surgery Disasters

Plushie has finally given in to his vanity, and is currently under the knife of a plastic surgeon! He is doing fine, and wants to thank all of you for your outpouring of support and kindness! Your gifts have been marvelous, but please, instead of sending money, pick your favorite charity and donate it there. […]

Say What?

“Like swallowing. If you mean it do it, but if you’re doing it to be popular, it’s not going to work.” The latest in Mike Diamond’s series of interviews and stuff. DJ Brenda Black enjoys sucking dick, and taking it in the ass! Classy! Gilda is a wig? Why is a wig called “Gilda”?

Oww, my aching prostate!

Mike Diamond’s ongoing exploration of his own life in the Big Apple: “The scent of gingerbread, I still cum and cry at the same time!”

Say What?

Mike Diamond interviews Go Go Harder, boylesque performer. He’s smart and sexy! See more of Go-Go Harder here.


It’s disturbing, really. Why would someone make this?

Sneak Peek “Le Raunch” at Hard Drive

Some advance pics of the Le Raunch/Hard Drive underwear party TONIGHT! Awesome murals. Looks like it’s going to be a sleazy good time!

Le Raunch at Hard Drive

Michael Formika Jones brings his infamous Le Raunch party to Hard Drive – with a little help from DirtyBoyVideo! When: Wednesdays, starting Dec 22nd! Dress Code: Mandatory Pants (or more) check! BYOB – YES! ‘bring your own booze’! They’ll even provide the ice! Should be a very, very fun, sexy, dirty time!

Subway sex is always hot!

Check out this sexy video on Gawker is trying to play it as some sort of controversy, is it wrong to have sex in public, etc, etc. But really, it’s just an excuse to run some sexy video! Looks like that dude has a really cute butt!