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Steven And Jack!

Latino hotties Jack and Steven boast some serious chorizo! They are so sexed up Don Rodd’s rod gets so stiff they can’t help but reach out and grab it!

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Fat cocks, furious cock slurping, and just plain hot sex makes this a scene not to miss!

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Troy is a hot, fit, 20 year old with one HUGE cock. He’s seen dudes fuck watermelons in amateur gay porn and wanted to try it! We were glad to shell out the $4.99 for the fruit!
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He slices a hole in the top, and comments, “it’s juicy,” before taking a taste of his ripe, new fuck toy! It takes a couple tries to get the hole big enough to accomodate his hard dick, and he has to scoop some of the guts out to make room on the inside! The sound of his meat squishing in and out is real, not enhanced!

The impish, grin, on his face when he cums into the open fruit hole is priceless!

Straight boys into ass play!

Just a couple of regular college guys! Chris hasn’t been laid in a while, and Kieron has a surprise for him: Nikki! Guiding Nikki’s head up and down Chris’ cock is like he’s jerking him off with her face! As they take turns getting head and making out, you KNOW Kieron can taste Chris’ cock on Nikki’s lips!

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Amateur straight boys real sex

As things heat up, both boys confess they like having girls play with their assholes! This promo is HOT, and the full video is even dirtier!

Over the Edge!

The edge of the motel room bed! Check out this scene from Straight Boys Fucking.

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Blinx comes out of the shower to find two of his best buds getting into a threeway. The scene is hot, and Blinx quickly drops his towel and jerks off to the live bi-sex show! He and Cain’s girlfriend watch as Cain gets fucked in the ass!

Wiener face slap!

In mainstream advertising no less.

Yes, yes, it’s obviously been created by an ad agency to go ‘viral’, but really, it is kinda dirty! In a gay way.

Thanks to Shaun!

Girl Sucks Two Cocks!

Thomas. is back, this time ready to hammer Grace with her pal Finn! After a few joints, they relax and strip down to their underwear. The fooling around builds from kissing and hand jobs to some great cocksucking and of course, fucking!

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Check it out!

Yuri Is Yummy!

Yuri is single and he prefers to keep it that way. “All I need to get off is my hand on my cock. Anyone else just gets in the way!”

From YouLoveJack:
He drops his pants to reveal a pair of bright pink underwear with his boner poking at the fabric and begging to be free. He shows off his perfect uncut cock as he works his fingers up inside his furry asshole before splattering a big load of cum all over his grey t-shirt! Delicious!

Favorite banner ad

This is one of our favorite ads from DirtyBoyVideo!

Naked at his desk, busted surfing gay porn. Plus, even though he’s being photographed (his hand up to block the camera) HE CAN’T TAKE HIS EYES OFF THE SCREEN!

Whatever he’s looking at must be worth the humiliation.

Releasing Tension!

Great shoot from!
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When Kyle takes a break in the paint studio, he tries to relieve some tension by pushing sexy bottom boy Andrew around a bit. Andrew shoves him back, and Kyle really takes charge – grabbing Andrew’s head and stuffing his tongue down his throat! They quickly strip down naked, Kyle working Andrew’s hole, getting it ready for what’s to come!

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Kyle fucks his tension away, and Andrew stands up and shoots his entire load right in Kyle’s face!

See the video here!

“Watching you fuck, I’m gonna cum again!”

Straightboysfucking is serious about how straight *most* of their boys are! Check out Alex and Dude. They really get into, and off on Grace!

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From the site:
We’ve put Alex up with Dude, a beefy, smooth chested, 21 year old straight guy with a big cock. The foreplay begins with Dude getting hard in his pants as Alex gets a good rubbing in his underwear. Alex enjoys watching Dude get sucked, and is quickly ready to get to the fucking! He makes his move, fucking Grace from behind while his buddy gets sucked. Alex really rocks it as he pounds away, pulling out just in time to shoot his load!

Now it’s Dude’s turn to fuck, sliding his fat cock in the hole his buddy just fucked! Alex gets hard again seeing Dude get off, and cums a second time! That’s the trigger for Dude, who blasts his load, too!


When straight boys have sex they are simultaneously at their most masculine and their most vulnerable!