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Elias, hot latino boy

Elias is an unusual name for a hot latino boy, but, when you’ve got a hot latino boy who fucking cares what his name is!?! Besides, this isn’t the only Latino named Elias we know!

More Blow Up Sex Doll Fun!

With the recent couple of posts on blow up dolls, we thought you would enjoy a couple more pics! These two dudes are so determined to fuck that doll they don’t realize they are on top of each other, banging their cocks together in the doll! See the video here

“Transmission of Gonorrhea Through an Inflatable Doll”

So the Skipper got an STD by fucking a blowup doll immediately after the engineer (Gilligan?) ‘ejaculated’ into it. You’d think the Skipper would have felt the goo, no? Unless, of course, he was lying and, after 3 months at sea, caught the STD the old fashioned way. Really, sailors having sex with each other? […]

Fucked, again!

Spinning his boy toy around, Zack again sticks his talented tongue into Scott, only this time it’s in Scott’s ass! He works that hole wide open as Scott begs him to fuck it! Whipping off his shirt, Zack obliges, first finger fucking Scott then stuffing his uncut sausage deep in Scott’s hole. The hot action […]

Let’s Get Jack In Bed!

Check out this homemade video of two boys, one girl and squeaky brass bed! Nikki and ‘Larry’ (not his real name!) conspire to get the innocent looking Jack into bed with them! Jack welcomes the opportunity to get his thick dick sucked, and surprises Nikki with his willingness to go down on Larry! But these […]

Say What?

Mike Diamond interviews Go Go Harder, boylesque performer. He’s smart and sexy! See more of Go-Go Harder here.

Surveillance Footage from Hard Drive

More footage and pics are leaking out from the underground Hard Drive Parties! In this surveillance camera footage from inside the ‘Dirty Boy Confessional Box’ (sorry, no audio) James and Jack – two of HUNG BOYS get familiar with each other!   In the photos, you can see Jack’s cock is almost to big for […]

Dontcha Put It In Your Mouth

A public service message, and good to keep in mind once you’ve had a few too many on New Year’s Eve.

Sneak Peek “Le Raunch” at Hard Drive

Some advance pics of the Le Raunch/Hard Drive underwear party TONIGHT! Awesome murals. Looks like it’s going to be a sleazy good time!

Le Raunch at Hard Drive

Michael Formika Jones brings his infamous Le Raunch party to Hard Drive – with a little help from DirtyBoyVideo! When: Wednesdays, starting Dec 22nd! Dress Code: Mandatory Pants (or more) check! BYOB – YES! ‘bring your own booze’! They’ll even provide the ice! Should be a very, very fun, sexy, dirty time!