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Soccer Boy Is Uncut, Jerks, Cums!

Forget all that  boring World Cup hoopla. Instead, lets watch hot men in soccer gear masturbating for OUR enjoyment!   Enjoy.

Bette Midler Continental Baths

Okay gays, here she is “Trash with a bit of Flash”… The Divine Miss M. performing at the start of her career at the Continental Baths It was here that Midler’s brassy “fag hag” persona (“I am the last of the truly tacky women”) took shape … When Midler opened her mouth, the orgy parted […]

A Real Baller

The fantastic blog A GAY ATHLETE’S LIFE ( will continue, despite the author’s post a few months back that he is retiring from his day job due to injuries. The blog was started back in 2005 by a closeted professional baseball player, who (writing under the name “Slugger”) uses it as an outlet to discuss […]


Great article on Butt Blog about street cruising. Stuff like this is a real icebreaker – and it works. But just read the missed connections on CL – that’s the force people have to reckon with – digitally mediated society gets in the way of that IRL connection required for well, sex. One day there […]

Levi Lets Loose

Does Levi Johnston regret his nekked Playgirl shoot??

This Week In Weed: World Series of Smoke

Don’t expect Tim Lincecum to throw a no-hitter anytime soon. The star San Francisco Giants pitcher was recently popped by police driving his 2006 Mercedes Benz 74 mph in a 65 on an Interstate highway in Oregon. The fuzz noticed a funny smell coming from his car and Lincecum handed over 3.3 grams of herb […]

NSFW: Holy Scott!

Absolutely bowled over when we saw Scott on BadPuppy’s ClubAmateurUSA. The dude is tall ripped hung and… gorgeous. It’s supposed to be a legit massage, but imagine trying to be professional when you’ve got a hunk like that in your hands!? Check out this preview video:

NSFW- Explicit cross-dressing gay fantasies!

Just hideous.  How can you tell when a straight European company is trying to market to a gay audience?  They think trannies are what we want!   Totally amazingly horrible looking old men in pantyhose and cheap wigs! And with copy like: “Cross-dressing gay dreams become reality” you know it’s gonna be good. – […]

NSFW: Getting off in public with Moby and Lance.

I like getting off in public. It’s like a fun party game that me and my pal Moby used to play. We’d just unzip and let our dicks hang out and brush against people at parties. Sometimes I just whip it out in a crowded shopping mall. I don’t start whacking, I just let it […]

Animal Crackers

Hey I love crack cocaine and men in plush animal costumes as much as the next guy, but all I can say about this is WTF??! Some randomly bizarre group in Brooklyn called Club Animals (the people plush animals recently (in)famous for offering “Free Bouncy Rides” on the L train) have started something called the […]