Now, I find young men dressing up as soldiers and playing with guns as hot as the next guy, but you have to file this in the “this can’t be good” category.  The NYTimes reports that boy scouts are training to fight “terrorists and more.”  The more, in this case, are illegal immigrants.  Because, poor, non-english speaking Mexicans cowering in the trunk of a Chevy are just as dangerous as 9/11 terrorists (who fly first class).   Not surprisingly, the scouts in question live in California, near the Mexican border.

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Strangely, the fictional ‘terrorist’ in the exercise is “a disgruntled Iraq war veteran” and the teenagers identify themselves as “United States Border Patrol.”  So at least they acknowledge:  1) the real terrorist threats are US citizens that our own government has fucked up; and 2) Mexican Immigration is considered ‘terrorism.’

Explorer-Scouts Train in Post-9/11 Law Enforcement Methods –