Smoking pot often leads to intense, never-ending hunger pangs — the kind that lead to the consumption of things like entire boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Donut Holes or bottomless cartons of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia (Read this to find out why pot makes you hungry).

But this being the Big Apple, such typical caloric creations just won’t do — our sativa-saturated selves need conspicuous consumption of epic proportions. So, behold!

The Luther Burger: “a hamburger, specifically a bacon cheeseburger, which employs a grilled glazed donut in place of the bun.” Fucking 1,500 calories of amazing!

The LB first appeared in NYC in the Google cafeteria back in 2007, and was recently spotted by the Daily News at the Big E food fair in Massachusetts under the name the ‘Craz-E Burger’. Sadly, though, seems like right now it’s only served at Mulligan’s, a suburban bar in Decatur, Georgia. I hope there’s good green in Georgia!